PlainDSP is offering a range of unique kits dedicated to all those who need to turn dreams, ideas and concepts to real yet fully operational applications. Each thematic kit contains an Arduino compatible shield, a supporting booklet and direct access to original firmware and applications. 

What is it for ?

  • Plaindsp Audio kit contains all the components necessary for building advanced and awesome applications
  • Such as a musical instrument tuner, sound meters, light shows, frequency detectors using the sample applications supplied with the kit
  • Build your own applications using complex mathematical functions such as the Fast Fourier Transform made easy for you and explained in details in the booklet from the Plaindsp Audio Kit
  • Next is an example of advanced M2M communication system based on tone detection

These kits are for you:

  • Designers, artists, creative people: science is made simple and affordable for you allowing sophisticated applications
  • Engineers, developers, prototypes: reapidly develop prototypes using off the shelves components.
  • Self-learning persons: understand and practice Audio DSP through fun applications
  • Students: Apply DSP theory on simple yet powerful applications.