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This Audio kit includes:

  • The “PlainDSP Audio Kit Booklet, An introduction to Audio DSP” (Read an extract here)
  • Audio Shield. This shield features a built in microphone as well as jack connectors for external microphone and line inputs. The shield includes three LEDs controlled by a tricolor driver chip.
  • Code for direct access  to the related libraries and example sketches (check the download area)

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Product Description

Plug the PlainDSP Audio Shield into any Arduino UNO compatible platform, download libraries and code samples  and enjoy Digital Signal Processing made simple for you. Discover the power of Fast Fourier Transform and create unique applications with Arduino. Libraries include PlainDSP as well as the libraries for managing the TLC5973x LED drivers and the very popular WS281x LED drivers mounted in many LED strips.

This audio kit is for you:

  • Artists, creative people: design unique, low cost, interactive projects featuring sounds and light.
  • Engineers, designers: Rapidly develop prototypes using off the shelves components.
  • Self-learning person: Understand and practice Audio DSP through fun applications.
  • Students: Apply DSP theory on simple yet powerful applications.

Audio Shield Specifications:

  • Connector foot print and pinout 100% compatible with Arduino UNO compatible boards,
  • Built in  multistage pre-amplifier (x200, x2000, x2000) usable in fixed range or self ranging. Preamplified signal enters the analog ports 0, 1 and 2 of Arduino board,
  • Sampling frequency ranges from 0.125Hz up to 80.000Hz,
  • Built in electret microphone and amplifying stages,
  • External Line input: 0 to 3000mV peak to peak,
  • External Microphone input: 0 to 15mV peak to peak,
  • Built in Red Green Blue control LEDs and driver. Adjustable absolute intensity using external resistor (2 to 50mA). Internal LEDs can be disabled by removing single jumper. Spare header for soldering an additional RGB led,
  • Power supply: power is derived from Arduino 5 V. Built in 3.3 V regulator and analog reference voltage stabilizer.


  • Personal computer
  • Arduino UNO or compatible board and USB cable
  • Arduino IDE (available for free from
  • Optionally:
    • Audio cable fitted with 3.5 mm male jack connector on both ends for line input.
    • External electret microphone fitted with 3.5 mm jack.
    • Tricolor single LEDs or tricolor LED strips (Controlled by either TLC5973x or  WS281x drivers)

Plaindsp audio kit booklet:

Table of content
2 : Introduction, p.1
3 : Sound, p.3
4 : Amplifiers, p.15
4.1 : Non inverting amplifier, p.19
4.2 : Inverting amplifier, p.20
4.3 : Auto-ranging, p.25
4.4 : Gain adjustment, p.27
5 : Analog to digital conversion, p.28
5.1 : Signal range, p.29
5.2 : Resolution, p.32
5.3 : Bandwidth, p.34
5.4 : Other properties, p.37
6 : Acquiring analog data with Arduino, p.37
6.1 : Sampling rate, p.39
6.2 : Accurately sampling data with Arduino, p.43
6.3 : Recording data, p.47
7 : DSP, p.56
7.1 : Fourier Transform, p.59
7.2 : The full picture of FFT, p.76
7.3 : Scaling, p.77
7.4 : Zero filling, p.78
7.5 : Reverse mode, p.80
7.6 : Resolution, p.87
7.7 : Peak interpolation, p.89
8 : Real sounds, p.92
8.1 : Peak picking, p.94
9 : LED driver, p.96
9.1 : External Multicolor LED, p.100
9.2 : External LED drivers, LED strips, p.101
10 : Audio shield operation, p.105
11 : Exhibits, p.108
11.1 : Glossary of terms, p.108
11.2 : Units, p.109
11.3 : Prefixes, p.111
11.4 : Frequency notes, p.112
12 : Symbols, p.113
12.1 : Schematics, p.114
12.2 : Board, p.115
13 : Specifications, p.116
14 : Support, p.116
15 : Credits, p.117



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